"When we dominate gravity & overcome resistance, we attain maximum potential.”


As a therapeutic training tool for the elderly to the elite athletes, the AeroYoga© system utilizes a variety of exercises and a series of specific postures, well-defined movements with multiple objectives drawn from the disciplines as well as more modern techniques such as Pilates, Alexander Method, Conceptual Fitness and more. With this mixture of influences comes the originality of the AeroYoga© method, an artistic method and by extension an authentic coaching for personal growth with the most important influence being Natha Yoga which is an ancestral power yoga. 

The 3 Methods

 AeroYoga® / AeroPilates® / AeroFitness®

AeroYoga® is the first method that includes 3 well-differentiated sub-methods that are registered and endorsed by the Yoga Alliance.

So far there are few physical exercise systems that give importance to oscillatory movement. It is true that techniques such as Pilates or the Alexander Methods offer a careful study of postural alignment of the body, and work with specific muscles of the joint to prevent wear, but they offer few options for the regeneration of joints which often become overloaded.  The oscillatory movements are needed to free up zones of stress such as the knees, hip joints, vertebrae and lumbar muscles, the cervical spine, shoulders, clavicles, elbows and more. All sessions activate the sympathetic nervous system & it is deeply healing as we 'wake up' unused muscles through suspension.

AeroPilates® combines techniques of gymnastics, tai-chi, yoga, ballet, kinesiology, stretching & toning exercises. It improves the posture, body alignment, breathing, concentration, balance, flexibility, attention, agility, circulation & coordination getting to control an average of 800 voluntary motor muscles in our bodies. It strengthens the core muscles, formed by the abdominal, lumbar, gluteal and perineal, improving blood circulation and bone formation. It reduces the risk of fractures and is ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis.


AeroFitness® allows you to develop the muscular strength of arms, legs and abdomen, to tone and redefine your body, to elongate, unblocking the waist and to reduce the level of body fat in an effective way.  It is designed for those who want to find a method of muscle redefinition & is considered to be a modern anti aging fitness system utilizing the swing.

All sessions go deep into your core by activating the sympathetic nervous system to reset your physical structure & clear the mind.  It is deeply healing & enhances your performance no matter what your sport is, giving faster reflex and recovery time while promoting total well being.

AeroYoga© works diligently, researches, and invests in the development of its body-mind techniques with a maximum focus on safety.  The International AeroYoga© Association works with physicians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and psychologists to continuously refine the practices of this holistic health system to ensure maximum enjoyment and benefit. 


* Please consult with your doctor on the advisability of practicing AeroYoga© and inversion postures. Decisions regarding health should be made by a health professional, with consideration for the unique characteristics of the client. 

"When we dominate gravity and overcome resistance, we attain maximum potential."



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